Overcoming Teachings That Disrupt Personal Growth & Social Change


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Modern yoga and spirituality are in crisis. The old structures and paradigms are collapsing. The ideas, teachers and institutions that have shaped our collective spiritual mindset must be overhauled. Join activist and journalist Be Scofield for this guide through where we've been and where were headed. 


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For far too long we've been manipulated, misled and abused by spiritual leaders. We've been told to shut off the mind and to deny our anger and "negative" feelings. We've been lead to focus on material things, told spiritual growth is easy and that we can awaken in an hour with the right video. We've been taught to fetishize meditation as a panacea for transformation. We've been told activism or "judging" is not spiritual and that real change happens within. We've been taught to destroy our personal identities. We've been sold fake goods and given empty promises. We've been fed a childish, fairytale spirituality born out of narcissism and greed. 

From The Secret to Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Bentinho Massaro and Byron Katie we've been misled by a variety of misguided leaders and overly simplistic teachings. 

And now the whole system is crashing down. These shallow ideas have been exposed for what they are: empty, superficial and irrelevant. The spiritual teachers pushing the ideas have been exposed en masse for sexual abuse, running cults or exploiting their followers. As a result, many yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers have been left traumatized, disillusioned and searching for answers. 

To move forward we must understand how we got here and where we can go. In what ways have spiritual ideas distracted us or enabled abuse? How have so many self-proclaimed gurus exploited and sexually abused seekers? How have our efforts to awaken reinforced oppression and injustice? What teachings and systems are truly supportive on our path?

We can't wait any longer. Our world is burning. Anything that denies our humanity or distracts us from creating the world we so desperately need must go. 

Join cult-exposing journalist and activist Be Scofield in this 3-week course that maps out where we've been and envisions a new path forward.


Week 1 Topics

In week one we'll dive into the core elements of what can make spirituality toxic.

  • What is Toxic Spirituality?
  • Understanding spiritual bypassing  
  • How spiritual ideas can confuse, mislead & distract us
  • Critical reflections on Eckhart Tolle, The Four Agreements, A Course in Miracles, Byron Katie & others...
  • Bentinho Massaro & Mooji's nondualism
  • When spiritual teachings deny our humanity, anger and "negative" emotions

Week 2 Topics

In week two we'll do a deeper dive into the Law of Attraction and teachings that enable oppression. 

  • Critically examining the Law of Attraction
  • Abraham Hicks, "The Secret," Oprah and more...
  • Teachings that victim blame and enable abuse
  • When pop-spirituality becomes cult-like
  • The dumbing down of spiritual America
  • How spirituality can enable oppression and disrupt social justice
  • Unpacking new age cliches 

Week 3 Topics

In week three we'll look at how spiritual teachers have deceived followers and we'll envision a more healthy way forward. 

  • Identifying and understanding cults
  • Differences between cults and religions/spiritual groups
  • Cult 2.0: How Bentinho, Teal Swan and others use modern technology
  • The pyschology of narcissistic & sociopathic cult leaders
  • When seekers downplay, dismiss and deny abuses
  • Alternatives to the old paradigm spirituality
  • New visions of a trauma-informed, socially conscious spirituality


Labeled the "anti-cult hero of the digital age" by journalist Anke Richter, activist and reporter Be Scofield (MDiv) has been on the forefront of exposing cults and spiritual abuse for years. As the founder of Decolonizing Yoga her efforts helped pioneer the modern turn towards bridging spirituality and social change. Having interviewed dozens of survivors of cultic abuse and escaped a cult-like group herself she has intimate experience with this field. 

Be's cult exposes on her magazine The Guru have uncovered widespread abuse and manipulation in the modern tantra scene and within popular teachers groups like Mooji, Teal Swan and Bentinho Massaro. Her articles have over 1 million views in the last 1.5 years alone and stories based on her work have appeared on the front page of The Guardian, CNN, Daily Mail, Playboy, CBC and more. Three short documentaries (VICE, Barcroft, Jezebel) have been produced based on her stories.